Unique traffic with pay-per-conversion

Who the service is for:
The service presumes payment only for unique visitors to your website or landing page. You will receive the paid-for traffic in full amount, regardless of bans from sources and other factors.

Traffic sources:
We have 3 traffic sources: SEO traffic, Twitter and YouTube.

Using this framework you can order traffic from a specific country, region or city. But it’s important to remember that the more specific the traffic is, the higher the cost will be, as well as the probability that we will refuse the order.

Niches we work with:
We have no limits with niches. When we receive your request, we evaluate our abilities and the amount you are prepared to pay. If we are will be able to handle your chosen niche, and the price cover our expenses, then we are highly likely to approve the request.

How to order our services:
- register an account with our service;
- visit the “Unique traffic” section;
- send a request, indicating the niche you're interested in, target geography, and the cost per 1,000 unique visitors.

Minimum order cost:
- from $350 in the English-speaking segment;
- from $150 in the Russian-speaking segment;
The minimum order cost is not related to the cost per 1,000 unique visitors.
It’s important to remember that the cost may be higher. We review and evaluate every case individually. We would like to remind you that you are only paying for unique conversions, where the system will automatically calculate and charge your every hour depending on the traffic you receive.

Do you have free traffic or test traffic:
Free traffic comes from already existing services. For example: A florist might only need Moscow, so we can sell their non-required regions as free traffic to other clients. This way, we can avoid increasing the main client’s costs due to the potential loss of the non-target traffic into the ether. The table below shows examples of such traffic.

Free traffic

# Niche name Source Cost (all) Exceptions
1 Adalt 18+ Search engine from $10.00 No
2 Hooker 18+ Search engine from $15.00 No

*** You can find more information on this service by visiting the FAQ page.

Are there any topics that we don’t work with?
There are few topics that we don’t work with. There are complicated topics with highly competitive niches, which include: ForEx, binary options, gambling. There’s a chance that we will take on this order, but it’s important to bear in mind that the minimum order cost for this kind of work is many times higher.

It’s important to remember:
Every case is unique, and the price per 1,000 unique conversations is calculated depending on various factors: geographical location, niche, required volume and deposit costs.
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