Creation of SOS-Websites

What are SOS-websites:
The SOS abbreviation is often associated with calls for help. We are no exception, though in our case the abbreviation stands for something else. So what are these SOS websites? Or should we say: “Search Optimization Sites”? Many will say that our website are basically satellites, and they would be absolutely right! Now that you know what SOS websites are, let’s move on.

Quality traffic:
It’s no secret that search engine traffic is highly popular in every niche. It’s always in high demand, since this type of traffic is always topical. This traffic is ready to buy and order your services. None of the existing Internet sources can match the quality of search engine traffic.

What we offer:
Creation of a set of websites for a stable acquisition of target traffic from Russian or English search engines to suit your needs.

Who will benefit from partnering with us:
1) Manufacturers of physical or digital products.
2) Those who provide different types of services.
3) Those, who think that prices per click in context and media networks are too high.
4) Those who wish to increase the volume of potential customers for their product or service.
5) Arbitrators, who are looking for options to buy cheaper or sell at a higher price.

Is working with us profitable?
Imagine you have a single website with an incoming traffic of 50 unique visitors a day. That makes 1,500 visitors a month. At a 3% conversion rate, that means 45 people have become your clients. Of course, 50 visitors a day isn’t much. In reality, a single website can have 300, 500, or even 700. When you order a set of 20-50 such websites, traffic volumes will increase up to 1,500 - 3,000 a day, or even 5,000 - 15,000. Traffic volume for each niche depends on the topic and demand for your products or services.

at least 10
SOS websites: $
Keyword collection: $
Keyword check: $
SEO check: $
Total: $

*** You can find more information on this service by visiting the FAQ page.

Minimum order:
- 10 websites on any topic.
- placement of traffic-attracting websites on our servers from the second month costs $4 RU / $8 EN per domain.
- the first reporting month begins on the day the first search query appears on it.

IMPORTANT: the time required for the service provision ranges between 2 days and 3 weeks, depending on the order volume. Please keep this in mind!

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