Keyword Database

What databases we sell:
We sell keyword databases for certain topics that are very popular. Each database is parsed as much as possible in order to collect the maximum possible requests within the niche.

What is different about our databases:
After we collect our databases, they undergo additional checks: traffic presence, deletion of obvious dummies (requests juked by bots). We sell ready keyword databases from popular search engines, such as Yandex and Google.

# Name Price Updates Category
1 Hooker (257К) $35.00 06.12.2019 Adult
1 Lotteries-Lotto(90K) $20.00 06.12.2019 Games of chance

*** You can find more information on this service by visiting the FAQ page.

What format are databases sold in:
All databases are sold in .txt format. Every new keyword starts on a new line. uses files “cookie” in order to personalize the services and improve the usability of the website. Cookies are small files that contain information about previous visits to a website. If you do not want to use cookies , please change your browser settings.
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