CPA leads for products and services

What is a lead?
A lead is a potential client that is interested in your service or product. Every business has its own criteria for a lead, but it is usually the following information: name, telephone, city, size, color, breakage cause, characteristics, and many more factors, which vary from business to business.

How we find leads:
Our main direction is attracting clients from search engines. But we can also launch additional sources of traffic: YouTube, Twitter, context ads, social networks, if we see demand for the client’s product and the client is satisfied with the quality of the provided leads.

How much it costs:
Lead prices are discussed individually with every client depending on the country, region, city, demand for the service, number of leads for purchase. Every factor affects the end cost of the lead. You can also look at the average prices in the table below. Perhaps, we already have some of the traffic available.

The average price of leads:

# Niche name services_cpa.table_kind Lead cost Min. No. of Leads Exceptions

*** You can find more information on this service by visiting the FAQ page.

Niches we work with:
First and foremost, everything that is on search engines. If there is be very little traffic from search engines, but the product will be appealing in terms of profit, we can launch additional sources.

Do you have the option to sort out non-target leads:
Yes, we have this option. Once you receive a lead, if it is fake lead or if the person had not ordered it, you can file a request with arbitration to review the case and organize for a refund. You must file your request no later than 24-48 hours from the moment you receive the lead. Bear in mind that the percentage of sorting from the general number is calculated individually.

How to order our services:
- register on our website;
- visit the CPA leads section;
- send a request for a review or select ready traffic;
- wait for our response. You will be notified by e-mail once we have reviewed your case.

IMPORTANT: We analyze traffic from search engines in 90% of all cases, and so the time required for launch may vary between 1 day and 3 weeks, depending on the volume of the order. Please keep this in mind! uses files “cookie” in order to personalize the services and improve the usability of the website. Cookies are small files that contain information about previous visits to a website. If you do not want to use cookies , please change your browser settings.
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